Two teenagers walked down the crowded street. Kids of all ages knocked on doors and asked for candy, yelling "Trick or Treat!" Mari, one of the teens, was dressed up as a black cat. One of her friends, Charly, was also dressed up as a cat; except she was a bright orange cat. Mari, 13, insisted to go trick-or-treating one last time. Charly agreed.

Their green eyes glinted in the dark purple shadows as they walked up to one of the first houses on their street. It was a haunted house, a whole walk-through one.

"Great! I've been waiting for some Halloween action!" Mari shouted gleefully.

"I-I don't think I'll enjoy this, but if you're going to do it, so will I." Charly said as she stepped behind Mari reluctantly.

The inside was dimly lit with flickering lights. Spiderwebs hung overhead; a robotic spider hanging on the webs. Skeletons, bones, arms and legs, blood, and bats were everywhere. at the end of the gray-lit hall, lay a witch with her cauldren in the centerr of the room. a flash of white light blinded their eyes; and before they knew it, the floor rose up.

"What the...?" Mari started to say. She looked over at Charly, who seemed fuzzier than usual. "You're a cat!"

Her eyes widened. "What?"