Sharpen your pencils and get ready to write!

Yes, you are able to write fanfictions and roleplay on this wiki. There are rules, though, that you have to follow.


  1. You may not kill anyone else's character
  2. You may not roleplay anyone else's character
  3. You cannot mate with any other characters unless both users agree
  4. Use proper grammar
  5. Do anything that your cat would do, stick to their personality


  1. Use proper grammar
  2. If they are long, make them in parts
  3. Get my permission
  4. Don't use real characters in the Warriors books for your fanfiction
  5. Don't do things that actually happened in the Warriors books

Current FanfictionsEdit

Snowfoot's ProphecyEdit

By Silverfan of ThunderClan

Will's PastEdit


Scarlet MeadowsEdit


Fuzzypelt's ProphecyEdit

By: Faolanmacduncan