List your rogue cat's name and description below. Coded members list coming soon!


Tetra - white she-cat with blood red stripes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Zane - blueish tomcat with one green and one blue eye. RPed by: Faolan

Will-Brown tom, former kittypet. Roleplayed by:Tigerfoot

Juniper - Fiesty beautiful tawny she-cat with stunning blue eyes and black paws. Roleplayer: Faolan MacDuncan

Petre-Large red-orange tom with battle scars. Sharp blue eyes and extremely sharp claws, very bloodthirsty too. RPed by Edme

Eclipse-Blood-thirsty tom with dark grey features and sharp claws meant for slicing many things. Eats many things other then cats. Brother of MoonClan leader Mousestar

Achelous-Black and white former kittypet RPed by:Edme