This page contains some blood/gore, and may not be appropriate for young children. Thanks!

Nightwhisper’s FateEdit

A short story

Snowstar walked up to the warrior den. She couldn’t find her brother, Nightwhisper. Snowstar started to fret about his safety.

Snowstar: “Where are you, Nightwhisper?”

Duststorm: “I haven’t seen him in a long while.”

She didn’t answer for a few seconds. Then her face dimmed down and drooped.

Snowstar: “Oh no.”

Duststorm: “What’s wrong?”

Snowstar: “Rogues. That’s what’s wrong.”

Duststorm: “I thought you were a rogue once.”

Snowstar: “I was. But I didn’t pose threats like they are now. Cats are being killed.”

She was very serious. Snowstar couldn’t lose her brother in the dirty paws of a rogue!

Duststorm: “We need to check the border, now!”

The two cats raced off toward the border of ThunderClan. What they say horrified them. Blood was splattered on the grass and across the trees. The meadow had been painted red. There was a sharp rock ahead, with a black cat speared through the back.

Snowstar: “Nightwhisper!”

She started crying. The stressed leader picked him off of the rock, and licked his bloody back.

Snowstar: “Nightwhisper, can you hear me?”

There was no answer. She started crying harder, tears wetting the black cat’s fur. It looked as if he had taken a swim in the river. Snowstar cried on.

Snowstar: “Nightwhisper! Wake up! You need to help your kits become apprentices! Night-whisper! Wake up!”

He didn’t move. Snowstar nuzzled his fur, and lay down next to him. She started talking to him, about all of the good times they had.

Snowstar: “D-don’t you remember the time we thought Duststorm was a traitor?”

She was talking to him, laughing, while trying to hold back the tears.

Duststorm: “Come on Snowstar, let’s get back to the Clan.”

Snowstar: “Alright, but we need to bring him back carefully.”

The two walked back with their dead brother, tails and ears drooping. When they passed the blood-splattered scene, Nightwhisper twitched.

Duststorm: “Did you see that? Nightwhisper twitched!”

Snowstar: “Nightwhisper, can you hear me?”

Nightwhisper: “Ohhh…”

Snowstar smiled and laughed, still crying. She sniffed.

Snowstar: “Can you move?”

Nightwhisper: “Not very well.”

Snowstar: “Let’s get back to the Clan, and take you to the medicine cat, Rainfur. Do you remember her?”

Nightwhisper: “Yes.”